Segunda-feira, 5 de Outubro de 2015

Acrylic write board with red LEDs

So my wife was almost celebrating her birthday and I was unsure what to give her. Since we have our little son sleeping in our bedroom, we needed a night light not as strong as the bedside lamps we have. I tought about it and then I decided to make one myself with a twist.

The Idea was to make a base that would house 3mm LEDs and illuminate an acrylic piece. I decided to have a sanded/mate finish acrylic piece to give a more uniform light.

I designed some parts on freecad and printed them on my 3d printer, other than that was manual labour :D.

So, lets go to the point.

The 3d designs are available at Youmagine and Thingiverse for now. 

I used an old acrylic board that I used as printer bed for my prusa. The acrylic thickness is 5 mm.


I sanded it (a lot) with some sand paper and then I measured a rectangle of 150x100 mm






To cut them, I started really slow with the hacksaw, if you go fast, you melt the plastic and can easily fail the mark.


after all cutting done, I scraped the sides with am utility knife to clean the burrs and then sanded it on top of a glass I scrapped from an induction heating plate.


After sanding the plate, I decided to sand a little bit more on the edges, to make it a little bit rounder and softer on the touch, but at this moment I already decided wich was the bottom part edge. I decided to leave that edge as square as possible, in order to collect maximum light from the leds.

Having the acrylic board ready, it was time to assemble the leds and solder them. the design has 19 holes evenly spaced. 


 I decided to make two blocks of leds. 1 with 10 led in series and other with 9. Each of this had a current limiting resistor of 1.5kohms since the power supply I used is a 30v one from a busted HP printer.


After soldering all the leds, I added the resistors and protected the leads with some heat-shrink tube, inserted the cable to the power supply through the base hole and measured a place to make a knot that would serve as a strain relief. Soldering and some electric insulation tape after and all the wire was done.

The only thing needed to do now was assemble it, test it and finally give it to my wife :D.




 Happy birthday princess!!!!






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Quarta-feira, 23 de Setembro de 2015

Lisbon Maker Faire 2015

The Lisbon Make Faire 2015 is over. After the hangover of the final push to finish the projects and an awesome weekend I will make a kind of wrapup post.


This year I took a personal project as well as represented our hackerspace - HackAveiro with a interactive Led wall, we even received a Maker of Merit ribbon!!!!!!.

My project was, as you may have guessed, the Hoverboat. To the Faire, I was able to finish the skirt and make it work and hover, however,  I was unable to add brushless motors for the propulsion of to hoverboat because I had some problems programming the ESCs... 

Here is a video for everyone that wanted to know if it worked on water :D


Presenting at the Faire was really tiring, even more to my voice, but it was really rewarding. Each time I saw the smile of a kid or grown up when they felt the difference of the hovercrafts skirt runnig and off... for the kids it was like magic :).


In this Maker Faire it  was awesome to meet new people and meet again friends from last year... for instance the eLAB hackerspaceMILLHackerschool IST, and so many more.

During this weekend, I had the help of my mates from Hack'Aveiro - Rodrigo Graça and Francisco Mendes .

I will post more stuff about the hoverboat project soon, 3d files, arduino code, etc.



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Domingo, 9 de Agosto de 2015

Hoverboat platform - Test #3 - It FLOATS, and MOVES!!!!!






After yesterday's test being positive, I decided to prepare the electronics in order to fit them inside an icecream box.

I made a little daugther boad for the arduino nano and added a big switch to cut the power from the battery. The 5v supply comes from the l298 driver board and the motors direction pins is hardwired.

I also changed the heatsink of the l298 board, I reused a bigger one that I took from an old tv, soon I will post more pictures from the "insides".


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Sábado, 8 de Agosto de 2015

Hoverboat platform - Test #2 - Bluetooth control

Well, today I managed to put the bluetooth control part of the platform to work. It is very barebones but it will improve as it needs. Basically, I used Joystick bluetooth Commander android's APP to send joystick data to arduino. It outputs from -100 to 100 in each axis X and Y, so I needed to make some math to control the 2 motors speed.

The app has a very nice forum post at arduino forums, Some of my code is based on the demo sketch so copyright goes to the creator (code doesn't have info on the author).

Hopefully tomorrow I will waterproof and attach the platform to some bottles to do my first real life tests... lets see how it goes.

A video from the test:




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Sexta-feira, 7 de Agosto de 2015

Hoverboat platform - Test #1





I had an urge for a long time to make my own RC vehicle / toy, one of the ideas I had was to make a boat with a raised fans, much like an hovercraft, that could have as buoyancy material PET drink bottles.

Well, I finally got to start to make it and There is some movement :)

The platform is comprised by 2 motors and 2 3D printed supports, 1 RC battery (3S), a L298 module to drive the motors and an Arduino UNO (in final version it will be either a micro or a nano).

I just tested a simple sketch to see if I got the connections right and if it worked. Next step is to code some form of control via serial port (thinking bluetoth module and mobile phone for now), hopefully this weekend.

I hope to have this project ready to take it to Lisbon's Maker faire with my friend of Hack'Aveiro.

Video and photos of it running


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